Posted by Barrie on Saturday, 6 February 2010

Review of Today's Premier League Bets

Manchester United have gone back on top of the Premier League this evening following their 5-0 victory over a hapless Portsmouth side.

Although it took a while to open the scoring, no one will have been surprised by the result at Old Trafford. Fortunately it was Wayne Rooney who opened the scoring, having tipped him in my Manchester United-Portsmouth preview. They also came through on the handicap that I tipped in that preview also. One I didn't mention, having seen it this morning was the few cheeky pounds on them to win both halves at evens. It could only be a small bet though with Manchester United's record of being level at half time in a number of games this season.

In other Premier League games, Stoke's victory over Blackburn was another good bet I had on this afternoon and I hope you took my advice in my preview for that game too.

As for Hull City beating Manchester City, I hope you laid them instead of putting them in a draw double (with Tottenham) as I did. As I wrote in my Manchester City preview, their odds weren't valuable and id the result was down to a slack performance that really won't surprise me.

West Ham were a big let down for me, but I guess everyone will point to Burnley's home record and tell me “it was obvious Burnley would win”. Oh well, it wasn't the biggest bet in the world.

Now to watch Tottenham-Aston Villa in what I expect to be a tight game and of few chances...

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