Posted by Barrie on Sunday, 21 February 2010

Michael Bisping Beaten by the Axe Murderer

The 'Axe Murderer' Wanderlei Silva looked rejuvenated last night in his performance at UFC 110, defeating Michael Bisping on a unanimous decision after the fight went through all three rounds.

Both fights exchanged blows throughout a close fight. The Brit, Bisping connected a few times early on and took Silva down to the mat on a couple of occasions. But the Brazilian, having lost 5 of his last 6 bouts scored with a rally of punches at the end of the first and third round that swayed the judges scores in his favour.

The Count, coming off an impressive victory over over Denis Kang in November, was caught in a guillotine choke at the end of the second round after attempting to take Silva down. Time also saved him at the end of the final round as Silva knocked him down to the ground and was about to start a flurry of punches before the referee intervened at the bell. However, he did not do enough to win the fight in the 15 minutes as the Axe Murderer was comfortably attacking him in the final round.

Having lost to Dan Henderson in July last year, followed by this one, Michael Bisping is a long long way from a title shot that seems unlikely for him to ever get now.

On the British front, Dan Hardy will become the first ever Brit to get a title shot as he takes on Georges St Pierre for the Welterweight Championship in New Jersey on March 27th. Hardy's odds are going to be long to say the least and as supportive of the Brits as I am, I am like everybody else who doesn't give him a chance in this match! He's represented Britain well in the UFC and with Michael Bisping has helped to expand the popularity of the sport over here.

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