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Interview with a Professional NFL Gambler

After our NFL Tipster put up some MVP-like figures during the regular season, I couldn't resist getting an interview with him for yours and my benefit.

Q: How did you get into betting on NFL for a living?
NFL Tipster: The same way every NFL fan did. We think we know it all, we want money. I had a good idea of betting before hand with other sports but the NFL is my niche. It's my favourite sport and from a betting point of view there's only two outcomes. Win or lose. There's no draws like you get in football and these are eliminated in the spread anywya.

Q: Do you bet on college American football too?
NFL Tipster: Actually I don't. Trying to be an expert in both would take twice as long and therefore I would only have half the knowledge of each. Stick to one league, the one you enjoy the most, read, watch and do whatever you have to do to maximise your knowledge in it and you'll have a good chance of making a living from it.

Q: How many years have you been betting on the NFL?
NFL Tipster: I started at the beginning of this millennium. It took a couple of seasons before it became serious and ultimately a lifestyle. But I've been a winner every season.

Q: Have you picked the correct Superbowl winner every season?
NFL Tipster: No. The Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots got away with me during the first few seasons, but I've been sound since. I invest more in individual matches, so picking the Superbowl winner early in the season or even at the start of the playoffs is more an egotistical thing or for bragging rights. Financially it's not as important, but it can be a hefty bonus.

Q: How many bets do you make on an average NFL weekend?
NFL Tipster: I only invest big in the matches I am very sure in. Some weekends that can be 0. Others 3 or 4. And those would be doubled together and less backed on them. I rarely go for the specials, but when there's something that sticks out (the line being set much lower or higher than I estimate it for player yardage for example) then I might have a cheeky bet on that, but nothing serious. Just something to quell my ego. I mainly stick to the spread, money line and point totals.

Q: What was your best weekend this season?
NFL Tipster: I've had a few weekends with 100% winning records. My best weekend was week 6. It started with Houston beating Cincinnati and New Orleans beating New York. Then New England crushed Tennessee in a late game in the snow. Perfect. Tennessee also made me happy on Christmas Day when they lost to San Diego, and I know you backed them that day too.

Q: What was your worst weekend this season?
NFL Tipster: New England at Indianapolis in week 10. I had the Colts to win by 3 points or more. They were fortunate to win that game at all, but I still lost my bet. Before that, Denver had lost to Washington. I won on Tennessee and Cincinnati that day but it wasn't enough to cover what was about to come in the late game.

Q: How risky would you say you are?
NFL Tipster: Gambling is all about risk. I just want to minimise my chances of losing. Don't we all? The more risk the more reward. I bet big on the odd match and leave the rest alone (or add a few to a big accumulator with a small stake and watch them only come in once every full moon).

Q: What do you need to be a successful gambler?
NFL Tipster: Knowledge, confidence, bottle and discipline. You must be able to take defeat and not try and make it back with another big bet on something you weren't planning on betting on. I know in the morning what bets I have in mind. Some drop off and in the odd circumstance, some get added (Tennessee over Arizona when Matt Leinart was named starter on gameday. Even then I was very fortunate Tennessee won with that 99 yard drive). Knowledge is an obvious one. So is confidence. Bottle comes down to how much you're prepared to bet. I don't like hearing any of this "I should have bet more". They're not professionals I assure you ;)

Q: Who is going to win the Superbowl this weekend?
NFL Tipster: The edge is with Indianapolis. This isn't one I will be betting on though. Partly because I already have money on both of these winning earlier this season. But mainly because I am not 99% sure they will win. If this was a regular season game I might not even add it to a long accumulator. Instead I will enjoy what should be a very enjoyable Superbowl once again.

Thank you to our NFL Betting Tipster for taking the time to answer some of my questions. He also kindly left me with his betting slips. Fortunately I have a copy of my own also, but not with as much staked!

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At 3 February 2010 at 09:14 , Anonymous NFL Draft said...

From this dialogue, we see betting needs wisdom and chances.

At 4 February 2010 at 10:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A bit of luck required too.

At 4 February 2010 at 16:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck with your superbowl bets lol not that you need it!


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