Posted by Barrie on Saturday, 9 January 2010

Surprised Manchester United Dropped Points at Birmingham?

Back on Christmas Day I read smug Manchester United fans tweets, laughing at Chelsea dropping points at Birmingham. I even had to console a Chelsea fan that evening with the words “Manchester United go to Birmingham in early January – they're not going to win there”. He looked back at me like I was an alien. Yes, it's easy to be smug now as Manchester United failed to win at Birmingham, leaving me with a winning bet on laying them and for backing the game to have under 2.5 goals. But who really thought Manchester United were going to win at Birmingham today?

Birmingham City set a club record unbeaten 12 games in a row in their 1-1 draw with Manchester United. It was actually the first time Birmingham have dropped points from a winning position this season, but if a draw with the reigning champions leaves you disappointed, it's always a sign of how good they're playing right now. Pre-season relegation contenders; their Premier League status can be all-but secured in the next few games!

Manchester United started the game well, but failed to take advantage of all their possession and eventually fell behind to a Cameron Jerome goal after some poor Manchester United defending. United grabbed a second half equaliser, but didn't look like winning especially after Darren Fletcher's second yellow card in the final minutes, before the 6 minutes of stoppage time.

With Arsenal 2-2 Everton the only other game played today, Chelsea are big winners at the top of the table, now 1 point ahead of Manchester United with a game in hands (away to Hull). Laying the favourites as mentioned in my blog earlier today, including Derby in that (ok, I got Leeds wrong today, sorry) was where the money was to be made in betting on the Premier League today.

The West Ham-Wolves game was called off today too which means there is no Premier League football tomorrow. Manchester City vs Blackburn Rovers hasn't been called off as of yet, a Monday night game at Eastlands.

Hopefully football will return to normal next weekend and that my weekly Premier League Tips will be worthwhile. As for today, I hope you made money on the lays!

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