Posted by Barrie on Saturday, 9 January 2010

A Season of Lay Betting

Half way through the English domestic football season, I notice it's been the best season so far for lay betters.

The top 4, odds on favourites for the majority of their games have lost more at the half way point than they usually do in a full season. This has left many punters disappointed, but may lay betters with a huge smug smile on their face.

Last night I enjoyed more success myself as out-of-form West Brom were odds on to beat the in-form Nottingham Forest. While I wasn't expecting a route I was confident in laying West Brom, and I was never in doubt after Dexter Blackstock gave the visitors an early lead. I've noticed this season so far, more than any previous has been the best time for lay betters to enjoy success laying the favourites.

The weather has corrupted the fixtures this weekend, with only Arsenal vs Everton and Birmingham vs Manchester United going ahead today in the Premier League. While the number of games to lay is down to a minimum (and I wouldn't recommend laying Leeds or Norwich either! Maybe Derby, but that's another story), there's a number of punters laying Manchester United at in-form Birmingham. I myself think Manchester United's odds are far too short to justify both side's performances of late.

For any newbies to this type of betting, we have a guide to lay betting on our website, and a review of Betfair, the most popular and well-known bookmaker for lay betting. These will help you make a great start.

As the season goes on there will be many more great lay betting opportunities. I will help you identify these in the Premier League though our weekly Premier League Tips.

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