Posted by Barrie on Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Record of a Professional NFL Gambler

As you may be aware, our NFL Tipster is a full time professional gambler. He specialises in the NFL, as you will be aware of. This season we've got him to give us his tips for each of the week's regular season games (playoffs to come!). If you followed them weekly as I did, I would have expected you to also have made a substantial profit this season.

To get to the main details, his record was 165-80-2 – he didn't help us with the Thursday night games. While you are probably about to rummage around the internet to find a better record or too, it is worth mentioning our tipster provides tips with a mixture of the spread and not. So do your best not to compare him to someone who picks the outcome and someone who picks only on the spread. But of course I like to point out when he gets some wrong too (as long as I didn't have money on them). Though be careful not to abuse him too much, he does make a living off this!

He has promised me an interview in the near future to help any wannabe professional gamblers and such. He will also continue his tips throughout the post-season including the Superbowl itself. Next season I am hoping to get more out of him for this website, as I am sure you are hoping for too, whilst remaining grateful for all the work he has done this season.

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