Posted by Barrie on Monday, 11 January 2010

Kurt Warner: Future Hall of Famer

Kurt Warner's performance in Arizona's 51-45 overtime victory over Green Bay made me pay for doubting the Cardinals in the playoffs for the second year running.

He played a near-perfect game, completing 29/33 passes for 379 yards and 5 touchdowns, although it was a defensive touchdown from Karlos Dansby that won them the game.

Kurt Warner's post-season record is now 9 wins and 3 losses. We were wrong to write them off, although it must be said if Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers hadn't started so slowly they could have won the game. They battled back from a 21 point deficit in the third quarter to force overtime, despite Warner connecting with his receivers on nearly every pass attempt. I didn't expect him to have as much time in the pocket or for his receivers to get open time after time as the Packers defence didn't show up. This no show from the Packer defence ultimately cost them as Warner threw passes onto his receivers numbers in what was an excellent display at quarterback. Turning 39 in the summer, this is expected to be his last season with the concussions he has received over the years. He has also said in the past he wants to see his 7 children grow up.

If this is to be the last season we see Kurt Warner, he will retire a well-respected and successful player. Aiming to lead the Arizona Cardinals to their second consecutive Superbowl, and his fourth, Kurt Warner's experience and ability is second-to-none on this team. It's hard to think where they would be without him. Or shall I just remind of you the long, unsuccessful seasons of the Cardinals pre-Warner?

The former Northern Iowa Panther fought for a job in the NFL by impressing for the then-NFL Europe Amsterdam Admirals before being signed by the St Louis Rams in 1998. He relied on an injury to Trent Green to get him the starting job and the rest is history. A failed spell at the New York Giants saw him move to the Arizona Cardinals after several teams refused to touch him. Since joining the Cardinals in 2005, Warner had slipped behind Josh McCown and Matt Leinart before establishing himself as the starter in 2007. Two years and two post-seasons later he has become a strong contender for the Hall of Fame.

A holder of several regular and post-season NFL records, 1 Superbowl ring and a 2-time NFL MVP. He also has the 3 highest passing yards totals in Superbowl history. He has got all the credentials, he now just needs the votes when his name enters the ballot.

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