Posted by Barrie on Monday, 18 January 2010

Defence Wins Championships

Or missed field goals help you to the AFC Championship game. At least if you're the New York Jets. 3 missed field goals (the one from 57 yards can be excused) from the normally reliable Nate Kaeding saw the in-form San Diego Chargers go crashing out of the playoffs last night to the New York Jets, 14-17.

While the New York Jets can be thankful for the missed 9 points, they played the game they wanted to and came out deserved winners. They wanted to keep the score close as the game went on, create turnovers and turn them into points. While Mark Sanchez once again didn't have a great games by any means, he was moderately efficient and more importantly he got it done in the crucial moments. This included a play-action touchdown pass on 3rd down by rolling out of the pocket. Sanchez finished the game 12/23 for 100 yards with 1 touchdown and 1 interception.

Shonn Greene was a big factor on offence for the New York Jets, running for 128 yards on 23 carries and a 53-yard touchdown run in the 4th quarter that extended their lead to 10 points at the time. 2 interceptions of Philip Rivers were also key points in this game.

Despite the number 1 rushing game in the NFL, the Jets are considered a defensive team. Just like the Baltimore Ravens, who were eliminated on Saturday by the Indianapolis Colts. The AFC playoffs have certainly seen a lot more defence than the NFC, with the average points per game at 35 in the AFC, compared to the 60 points per game average in the NFC playoff games so far. Which means if the saying “defence wins championships” holds up, the Jets are a shoo-in for the Superbowl! I think the Indianapolis Colts will have something to say about that this Sunday.

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