Posted by Barrie on Sunday, 10 January 2010

Cowboys Destroy Eagles as Expected

As ever, our NFL Tipster gave me a personal tip on the Dallas Cowboys to thrash the Philadelphia Eagles last night, as he also hinted in his wildcard previews. The usual “bet all you can afford on it”, “sure bet”, “easy money” and similar quotations followed as he tried to reassure me of what was about to happen. Not only did I trust him, but my own knowledge of the NFL lead me to believe the Dallas Cowboys would handsomely beat the Philadelphia Eagles last night/this morning. And so I placed my bet.

Unfortunately for the legend that is our NFL expert, he predicted the Cincinnati Bengals to beat the New York Jets. Fool! I couldn't help but joke around with him last night about how I was correct in backing the Jets, but he can be forgiven. Here's a screenshot of that bet, mainly aimed towards our NFL Tipster, that I don't mind sharing to the world either ;)

He'll soon shut my mouth when he shows me how much he won from the Cowboys alone, which I estimate to be at least 10x as much as mine. And I thought I had a large wager on it! The man is risky, successful and I can't resist using the word genius to describe him. He knows his NFL believe me. He makes a living from it.

It was a mismatch as expected, with Donovan McNabb struggling once again against the Cowboys defence while Tony Romo was connecting with his receivers even if the blitz was getting close and forcing him out of the pocket on occasions. The Eagles could only muster 62 yards from their running game as the Cowboys racked up 198; 148 alone from Felix Jones, whose 73 yard touchdown midway through the third quarter collapsed any doubts of the Eagles making the score close.

A few mishaps in the first half from the Eagles allowed the Cowboys to bridge a gap in the scoreline and one they never looked back on. Firstly a Michael Vick fumble was recovered by the Cowboys deep in their own half and when they got the ball back again, Leonard Weaver fumbled shortly after making a grab. The Cowboys had made a slow start to the game, by making effective starts to their first two drives only to slow down and end up with 0 points. But their defence was too good and ultimately the offence came through.

Tonight, I'm with our tipster in picking the Patriots and Packers, but I don't have enough faith in either of these to make a worthwhile bet on them this evening!

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how much did he win?


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