Posted by Barrie on Thursday, 24 December 2009

Premier League Boxing Day Special

As 2009 draws to a close, the Premier League season is cram packed with a few additional games in what is meant to make the Christmas period even more exciting.

Perhaps it is for fans with the usual increase of attendances expected over the next couple of games. But some players don't handle this period too well. Remember the 3 Brazilians at Manchester City last season who wanted to go home for Christmas? Or the Dennis Wise/Robbie Savage, Hayden Foxe and Joey Barton Christmas party incidents to mention a couple.

While we can expect a couple of games to be lacklustre as we occasionally get in the Premier League, I am expecting a number of exciting games once again from your usual weekly Premier League schedule. Hopefully the ones on TV!

And the Premiership Tips team have been working hard again this year to provide you with our weekly tips. Expect to see previews of all the games over the Christmas holidays in time for you to place your bet pre-kickoff for each game.

Our NFL Tipster has also promised me to have his tips up for week 16 of the NFL schedule before the San Diego Chargers and Tennessee Titans kickoff on Christmas Day. He has a fantastic record this season and continues to make a living off NFL bets. I plan to sit him down and interview him for some tips to becoming a professional gambler next year. All for your benefit!

For now, seasons greetings. Enjoy the festive period, whether it be with the football, NFL or whatever you may be up too!




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