Posted by Barrie on Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Mick McCarthy Doesn't Need to Explain Anything

Picture this: Your first season back in the Premier League. You've just escaped the relegation zone at the weekend and have a big home match against fellow relegation contenders on Sunday. In between that, you have a midweek trip to Manchester United. What do you do?

What Mick McCarthy done last night was good man management, good tactical decision, call it what you want. He made a good choice. He knows who his side needs to beat to avoid relegation and he's realistic about it. He knows he has to beat the Bolton's and Wigan's of the Premier League. The long term goal is in mind. A trip to Old Trafford isn't a possibility for picking up a point even in his most optimistic mood.

Giving 10 fringe players the run out last night gave them the opportunity to impress their boss and gain top flight experience and match fitness in the process. In the meantime, the first team got a rest from their hardworking result on Saturday and time to rest any niggles and get back to 100% before a big match with Burnley at Molineux on Saturday. What's the big deal?

I recall West Brom and Liverpool doing similar previously. And how many regulars played for Manchester United at Hull on the final day of last season? I don't recall these teams receiving the same treatment as Wolves who now have to explain to the Premier League his decision to make substantial team changes. What a joke.

The Premier League, fans and journalists alike who are claiming McCarthy has “cheated football” don't know what they're talking about. The 10 outfield players selected by Wolves were under full time contract. They weren't trialists or the kitman. They were players like Ronald Zubar who was returning from injury, Chelsea loanee Michael Mancienne making his 10th start of the season, former Everton loanee Segundo Castillo and Stefen Maierhofer, an ideal fit for a big target solo striker, making his first start after several substitute appearances. Would the likes of Richard Stearman, Karl Henry and Kevin Doyle really have made a big difference for them on Tuesday?

Extra pressure will be on Mick McCarthy and Wolves to get a result against Burnley on Sunday now. Be sure to check out our Premier League previews for this game and the 9 other Premier League games this weekend when they go up from Thursday.

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