Posted by Barrie on Monday, 30 November 2009

Vince Young Developing into an NFL Quarterback

On Sunday night, Vince Young threw for a career high 387 yards as he lead the Tennessee Titans to a dramatic last play victory over the Arizona Cardinals to keep their thin playoff hopes alive.

Everyone has been talking about him after he lead the Titans on a dramatic 99 yard winning drive. The test came for Young starting at his own 1 as the Titans trailed 17-13 with less than 3 minutes remaining. He gained 6 yards in 3 plays before Kenny Britt made a game-saving catch behind a defender on 4th and 4. Young would face another 4th and 4 later on the drive, which he successfully converted into the hands of Lavelle Hawkins. Young was taking the short completions on the sidelines that Arizona were giving him. He was doing it with his arms and not his legs. The game down to one final play, after each team had taken a timeout, leaving Tennessee at 4th and goal from the Arizona 10 with 6 seconds remaining. Vince took the snap from the shotgun, and threw down the middle on the move and into the hands of rookie Kenny Britt – touchdown and victory! His mistake on the last play before half time can be forgotten.

Tennessee's playoff hopes remain barely in tact, but a trip to Indianapolis Colts next week could be where it ends. The undefeated Colts look too good on paper for this Tennessee team, even if their defence struggled to deal with the Texans offence in the first half on Sunday. Their second half comeback secured the AFC South for Indianapolis as early as week 12. The Colts enjoyed a comfortable 31-9 victory in week 5 over the Titans.

Tennessee started the season 0-6 with Kerry Collins at the helm, before Jess Fisher made the switch during the bye week under the guidance of owner Bud Adams. He played a pedestrian game, with Tennessee's defence and Chris Johnson leading them to victory. Until today's game, Vince's skills have gone largely unnoticed because they haven't been big, and Tennessee's victories have come on the legs of Chris Johnson and their defence.

Vince Young seems to have matured very well on the sidelines. He is patient in the pocket and doesn't panic. His strength and mobility has enabled him to break and move away from would-be sacks. He has learnt to look off defenders and check down his receivers, staying in the pocket longer and not relying on his legs for big plays. Young hasn't tried to force passes that aren't there since his return and is reading coverages. And when he does see a receiver open down field, he has a good touch on his pass. Vince Young is becoming a top quarterback, and he plays behind one of the best offensive lines and with one of the best running backs in the NFL to help him get there. Indianapolis' defence is likely to step up for next week's match after a slow start to their game in Houston today, and this will be a serious test for Vince Young who hasn't faced a top defence this season.

Vince Young, who had lost both previous games in his career when he had attempted over 40 passes, completed 27 of 43 passes, and 1 all-important touchdown on the final play of the game. He ran for 8 yards on 4 carries. Young goes 2-0 against Matt Leinart after Vince scored the winning touchdown with 19 seconds remaining of the historic 2006 Rose Bowl.

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