Posted by Barrie on Monday, 19 October 2009

Raiders upset the Eagles

The Oakland Raiders produced the biggest upset on Sunday, pulling off a 13-9 victory over the much-fancied Philadelphia Eagles.

The only touchdown of the game came in the first quarter when Zach Miller caught a ball down the middle from JaMarcus Russell and ran it in for an 86 yard score, which included shaking off a would-be taken and 2 downfield blocks by Louis Murphy.

By his standards, JaMarcus Russell was impressive, completing 17/28 for 224 yards, despite throwing 2 interceptions along with that touchdown.

This game was all about the Oakland defence that forced Donovan McNabb to complete less than half of his passes (22/46) and sack him 6 times; Richard Seymour and Trevor Scott with 2 each. They also stuffed Michael Vick for a loss of 4 yards on his only rush attempt, which was surprisingly 1 of only 14 rush attempts Philadelphia attempted in this game. Too much trust went to McNabb on Sunday, who's day was complete before half time when he tried calling a timeout the team did not have and had to face a delay of game penalty.

With the New York Giants losing in New Orleans, the Washington Redskins losing to Kansas City and the Dallas Cowboys on the bye, no team won in the NFC East this weekend.

Our NFL Tipster was surprised by this loss, as well as the Buffalo Bills' comeback victory over the New York Jets in a late finishing Sunday night game, but I must praise him for getting every other Sunday result correct in his week 6 picks, including Houston's victory in Cincinnati and the Saints victory over the Giants.

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