Posted by Barrie on Monday, 12 October 2009

Atlanta Blowout San Francisco at Candlestick Park

I agreed with our NFL Tipster when he said this “should be a close game” between the 49ers and Falcons. But some real defensive issues for the NFC West leaders saw a huge blowout at home to Atlanta.

A bad start to the first quarter with blown coverages saw them go down 14-0 early on when Roddy White was left wide open twice on one drive, either side of a timeout by Mike Singletary, used to huddle up his defence and lay it into them. Later Nate Clements didn't wrap White up on a short curl and allowed him to spin round and run home a 90 yard touchdown.

The Falcons were up 35-10 at half time and ran out 45-10 winners in the end. Dre' Bly completed the shambles of a performance when he picked off Matt Ryan and then taunted during his return, only to be tackled and stripped of the ball by Roddy White.

Mike Singletary dished out several verbal attacks on his own team, coming into the field on a number of occasions to do so as the inexperienced coach got taught a lesson on Sunday. Everyone has a bad performance (even Peyton Manning) and this will be a good learning curve for both he and the team, because San Francisco had been playing well up to this point this season, and still top the NFC West. They routed the Rams themselves just last week (35-0) and only lost in the final seconds to the Vikings the week before. They've got a tough run of games coming up with 3 battles against AFC South teams in the next 3 weeks. This is the toughest part of their season and if they can come out on top they will be favourites to win the division with their easy schedule on paper down the stretch.

Division rivals Arizona Cardinals had the week off, while Seattle brought themselves back into contention with a 41-0 thrashing of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

In other NFL news this weekend, the New York Giants became favourites for the Superbowl after their 44-7 win over Oakland took them to 5-0. Following behind them are the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts who also remain unbeaten, with the Saints hosting the Giants next weekend. The Patriots dropped off as favourites following their overtime loss in Denver who in turn went to 5-0 even with the doubts that many have put on them in the opening 5 weeks. The Minnesota Vikings will also get a mention for being in that same category at 5-0 after a comfortable win in St Louis on Sunday; the first time Brett Favre has won his opening 5 games during his long career. The Rams are amongst the Titans, Buccaneers and Chiefs as the only teams without a win this season.

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