Posted by Barrie on Thursday, 17 September 2009

6 officials tested in tonight's Europa League

Tonight's UEFA Europa League matches are testing out 6 match officials, with an extra two added by the goalposts.

With Michel Platini not keen on goalline technology, his attempts to cut down penalty box controversy is to add an extra pair of eyes at each end to help with things. While this will likely cut down the number of dives on that side of the box, with Eduardo's dive against Celtic coming to mind, it's debatable whether many of these will earn their paychecks each week if they're brought in full time. They are certainly close in line for some abuse from fans.

Perhaps in the morning paper's we will find out if this brought any success in the first round of games with the extra officials, but I'm certainly not expecting this to go down well with fans from any team... in this country at least.

Controversy is a big part of football and helps us start debates week-in week-out, some that go on for weeks, and some you never hear the end of (did Geoff Hurst's shot really cross the line in the 1966 world cup final? ;) ). You will never keep every football fan happy, and you will never stop Manchester United fans bitching about a decision they felt should have gone their way. That's football. That's how it's always been (at least in my lifetime). I'm all for goalline technology, but this seems to be a very poor alternative.

7 officials works great in the NFL. But 7 officials are required in a game that has endless rules and numerous penalties throughout the game. Football is a much more simple game and needs to be kept that way. What positives did the 4th official ever bring to the game? And what will the extra 2 bring to the game?

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