Posted by Barrie on Sunday, 9 August 2009

Can anyone stop Anderson Silva?

This morning's co-main event at UFC 101 saw the dominance of Anderson Silva in the mixed martial arts world.

Stepping up a weight class and fighting former UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion in Forrest Griffin proved to be a simple task for The Spider who knocked Griffin out with a jab whilst stepping backwards, in less than 3 and a half minutes during the opening round.

Prior to that, Silva had helped Griffin back to his feet after knocking him down, and kept his hands by his side for periods to let Griffin get some blows in after feeling him out for the first minute and a half of the fight. It was to no avail to Forrest, who failed to make any impact, as Silva dodged everything and only required a few shots of his own to win the fight, in what was correctly pointed out by Joe Rogan, "an embarrassing knockout".

So who's next in line for Anderson Silva? He already owns the middleweight division that includes two victories over Rich Franklin and one over Dan Henderson. There is not a worthy challenger left at 185, and stepping up to 205 would be the most-exciting prospect for UFC fans. Current champion Lyoto Machida, a friend of Anderson's is already dominant in this division and would make for a great challenge. Silva did state in the post-match interview he isn't as big as the opposition in the division, but there's no doubt he is the most gifted.

The UFC is at it's peak of champions right now, with BJ Penn in the Lightweight division being too good for any opposition, beating Kenny Florian in the main event on Sunday morning to defend his title. Georges St Pierre has owned the Welterweight division for some time and has run out of opposition, while the physical freak that is Brock Lesnar doesn't look like he's going to be beat for a while either.

Dana White and his team have a task on his hands over the next 12 months or so to keep the top end of these divisions exciting after the sheer dominance of each of these fights. There have been suggestions of Anderson Silva fighting a champion in either the division above or below his current weight class, while hopes of signing Fedor Emelianenko as a challenger to Brock Lesnar look unlikely because of his agent.

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At 10 November 2009 at 21:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah I Say Silva Is Just simply UNSTOPPIBLE!!! I Have Been Hearing ppl sayin they want 2 see Silva VS Lyoto. I Think Lyoto IS AWSOME An Extreamly Gifted Fighter But I Just Dont Think ANY1 Under LightHeavy Wt Can Stop Him!!! P.S. That SUCKS My Favorite fighter RAMPAGE isnt fightin Evens!!!


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