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Michael Bisping KO'd by Dan Henderson at UFC 100

The British fighter and public's dream of Michael Bisping getting a shot at Anderson Silva's UFC Middleweight title vanished last night (4am this morning GMT) as he took a devastating knock out shot from Dan Henderson in round 2, a shot that will go in the top list of UFC knockouts for year's to come.

The Brit looked nervous before the fight and never got settled; not landing any punishing shots to the 38-year old American he competed with on this year's Ultimate Fighter. The knockout looked like it was coming in round 2 with Henderson coming close on more than one occasion before finally landing the killer blow. He even followed it up with a cheap shot to Bisping, who was out before he hit the mat. Michael had been inexplicably circling onto Hendo's deadly right hand during the second round, against the instructions of his camp and fell right into the devasting shot that earned the American knock out of the night honours and a $100,000 bonus.

Bisping and Henderson's rivally began earlier this year in the UFC's reality TV show and Bisping had been doing a lot of trash-talking before this match that he won't be able to live down (although he was correct when he said he wouldn't let Hendo take him down). Henderson said the cheap shot was to "shut him up" as he came across very unsporting in the post-match interview, although Bisping didn't help his own cause by leaving the ring with no grattitude.

Where does Michael Bisping go now? With Dan Henderson hoping to get a rematch with Anderson Silva for the Middleweight title at the end of this year, Michael Bisping is a long way off a title shot he'll probably never get now. He's got to work his way up the rankings again, and at 30 he still has plenty of time to do so. I imagine his next fight will be when the UFC comes around to the UK again, but he's going to have to pull a brave face every time he's infront of the camera for the next few months following this defeat. Don't be surprised to see him come back stronger though, there's no harm in losing to one of the best in your division and I'm sure Bisping will learn and improve from this. He's still young and has plenty of time to work his way back up the ladder. Perhaps a match with Alan Belcher could be on the cards for his next match, having lost last night also.

Michael Bisping has represented Britain well in the UFC, with his record now down to 7-2, with both defeats to former Champions, which includes victories over American's Josh Haynes in the final of the Ultimate Fighter season 3 (when they laughed at a Brit fighting), Charles McCarthy (who had been trash-talking prior to the match, and suffered a broken arm for his troubles), and Chris Leben by unanimous decision after most of the American public wrote Bisping's chances off beforehand. He'll be back, but not as loud next time...

UFC 100 also saw Georges St Pierre's dominance in a unanimous decision victory after five rounds with "The Pitbull" Thiago Alves, with several takedowns that helped he control the match and defending his Welterweight title. After the fight, when asked about a match with Anderson Silva, he did not say "no", but would need time to get to the right weight level where the two could meet. And Brock Lesnar destroyed Frank Mir in his rematch, winning by TKO in round 2 and rearranging Frank Mir's face in the process. The Heavyweight champion was very cheeky in his post match interview, having the following to say whilst beeing jeered by the sell out crowd:

"Frank Mir had a horseshoe up his ass, I told him that a year ago. But I pulled that son of a bitch out and I beat him over the head with it!"
"I'm gonna go home tonight. I'm gonna drink a Coors light. It's a Coors light because Bud light don't pay me anything."
"And I'm gonna sit down with my friends and family and hell, I may even get on top of my wife tonight!"

Frank Mir was gratious in defeat after all the trash-talking he gave beforehand and was quick to praise his opponent, who had turned his back on him at the beginning of the fight when asked to "touch gloves", and also taunted the former Heavyweight champion after winning the fight. Brock Lesnar is the real deal and looks set to dominate the UFC Heavyweight division.

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