Posted by Barrie on Friday, 10 April 2009

Sepp Blatter - Why do you hate the Premier League?

Although he hasn't made any outrageous quotes recently or had an attack on the English game, I wanted to get something off my mind that's been trapped in their for a long while now.

Sepp Blatter, somehow football's most powerful man despite his clear lack of knowledge of the game. How did he get this position? It's beyond me.

The old man from Switzerland clearly has a hate of the English game, but I've never understood why. Can someone tell me please? Did he have a bad holiday here as a child? I don't know. Now he's setup this new 6+5 rule so that more domestic players are forced to play, after recent years of English teams being dominated by foreigners. Yes, this may please the anti-foreigners, but it's not good for the game. The English game has been the best for many years now, since we started bringing lots of this foreign players in. Players like Eric Cantona, Georgi Kinkladze, Juninho, Thierry Henry and Cristiano Ronaldo who have lit up our TV screens over the years. Whilst players like those will still be playing in England, those foreigners who make up the squad are going to struggle to break in. And there's even a possibilty of "professional substitutes" coming in; domestic players to sit on the bench week-in week-out to make up the numbers.

Clearly this is one of Blatter's attempts to weaken the English dominence in the Champions League, with England having 4 of the remaining 8 teams in this year's competition, and both finalists last year, with Arsenal and Liverpool only being knocked out by English teams last season. Not to mention we've had a team representing England in each of the last 4 finals.

Whilst Blatter has never openly admitted to his hatred of England, of course he wouldn't, it's all clear to see. Another example of his attacks on the Premier League started in the summer when he was quoted as saying "let Ronaldo leave" when Real Madrid came in with a reported world record breaking £75,000,000 bid for the Manchester United star. And it was "modern slavery" that Manchester United turned down the bid. Yet in January, when Manchester City make a reported £100,000,000 bid for AC Milan star Kaka, Blatter posed the question; "Is it morally acceptable to offer such sums of money for a single player?", just 6 months after wanting Ronaldo to move away from England for a ridiculous fee.

On top of that, Blatter is always against England hosting another World Cup. Our 2018 bid looks set to fail with him appointing Australia's billionaire 2018 organiser on the FIFA committee, despite never being a player in FIFA's politics previously. I'm taking Blatters talk of England having a strong world cup bid with a pinch of salt until the results come out. England will not host a tournament whilst that man is in charge.

To move away from the racism, I would just like to remind you of two more ludicrous quotes from Sepp Blatter, the first being his attack on women's footballers, saying they should "have tighter shorts", something that is fine to say down the pub, but not if you're the head of FIFA! And the second, him wanting to extend half times from 15 to 20 minutes! Yes, that would really go down well with players and fans, Sepp! I assume this comment came after it took him more than 15 minutes to eat his fancy half time meal that your average football fan doesn't go to a football match for...

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At 15 April 2009 at 22:16 , Anonymous Keith said...

I bet Sep is well happy 3 teams in semis lol

At 13 June 2009 at 22:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very good article. Why this man hates england is not known but can clearly be seen.

At 11 June 2010 at 09:32 , Blogger tony said...

You said that he hasnt said anything bad about england recently. well let me remind you that he made another stinging attack on england saying that it is englands fault why not enough tickets were being sold for the world cup in south africa. He said that the british press was to blame. i cant wait until this fool is gone and i dont know why he is still there. we created the beautiful game so why do we have such an anti brit controling it?

At 29 June 2010 at 22:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The foreigners in the PL are ruining the chances of English players ever doing well and of England doing well.

Anyone with half a brain should realise this and the PL clubs are only interested in themselves and money.

Blatters suggestions of 6 and 5 is a very good idea.

At 9 December 2010 at 00:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your comments are vindicated. Blatter is a anglophobic prick of gargantuan proportions and the sooner this bumbling old goon steps away from the game, the better off the game will be - anywhere its played.

At 4 January 2011 at 01:38 , Blogger isaomukaa said...

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