Posted by Barrie on Sunday, 29 March 2009

Mad Football Manager: John Sitton

Whilst I'm here to provide you with free gambling tips, I am a real person, and and I do enjoy watching football matches and bloopers unlike some others out there.

A friend of mine passed me this video link on youtube recently, of former Leyton Orient manager, John Sitton. It shows his spell in charge of the London side on their way to relegation from the then Division 2 (now League One) and is a good laugh!

A former Chelsea youth and player, spent most of his career at Leyton Orient before taking over in 1995, and this video shows clips of his dressing room rage, when the pressure was clearly getting to him.

The video is a good laugh with some great quotes in it, as well as the sacking of Terry Howard at half time! There are a few other videos on youtube of him but I thought I'd show you the one I was shown first to start you off! Enjoy.

Whilst on the subject of youtube, I thought I'd better take the opportunity to plug Premiership Babes; our very own youtube lovelies promoting our site! Check them out and let me know who you think is the hottest!

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